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We provide access to untapped energy resources from car batteries through smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems to support the energy and mobility transition

Our Services

Optimized EV charging through decentralized, distributed, secure & audited software platform


Track each KWh charged, certify the origin of energy


Leverage smart charging (peak shaving, cost minimization, renewable energy integration) to reduce carbon emissions and total cost of ownership


Generate revenues providing ancillary services to the main

grid using managed

charging and V2G

Users engagement

Incentivize users to contribute to a greener and more sustainable charging system using digital rewards (tokens)


Using 'smart agents' to connect with all types of energy resources


Real-time optimization and peer-to-peer energy trading

Lower transaction costs

Security and distributed intelligence

Ethereum Consortium blockchain

Identifying charging patterns using real-time inputs and signals from EV drivers, grid operators and utilities to optimize charging 

Our use cases

Solarcamp - France

V2G integration with SNCF Gares & Connexions

The Solarcamp project enables SNCF to access our technology and allow electric vehicles (EVs) to balance local 'microgrids' at Aix-TGV train station and thecamp. It also incentivises users to participate.

Maesha - Island of Mayotte

Smart charging / V2G 

The main objective of MAESHA, our project funded by the European Commission, is to decarbonize energy systems of a select group of islands such as Mayotte. It fosters a large deployment of renewable energy resources (RES) by installing tailored and innovative flexibility services. Based on a comprehensive study and modelling of local energy systems and community structures, MAESHA demonstrates solutions on the Island of Mayotte seeking to replicate this potential on five other islands with more than 1.2 million inhabitants.

Energie Steiermark - Austria

Smart charging

The goal of this project is to optimize electric vehicle charging infrastructure at one of the customer sites of Energie Steiermark. Its objective is to generate additional value for EV charging station operators and EV drivers. The Bovlabs smart charging solution generates charging profiles integrating inputs from drivers, the grid and nearby renewable energy resources.

OEDAS - Turkey

Smart charging / V2G

OEDAS, a Turkey-based DSO, is one of the partners of a project funded by the European Commission H2020. It calls for enabling flexibility for future distribution grid, especially, to demonstrate local energy storage and EVs (through V2G and V2B).

The Bovlabs solution was instrumental in achieving the following objectives:

  • Integration with bi-directional EV charging station

  • Smart charging/V2G

  • Integrating with demand-side management API

PROBONO - Europe

Living labs for building smart green neighborhoods

A European multidisciplinary consortium consisting of construction actors, public asset service managers, municipalities, technology solution providers and experts, Probono seeks to transform six European districts into Green Buildings and Neighbourhoods (GBNs).


Demand side flexibility

The RESONANCE project is creating a software framework for plug-and-play development of solutions for demand-side flexibility management of distributed and small-scale assets

the team

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Jaikrishnan R Pillai

Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned technocrat, JK has over 20 years of experience spanning retail, digital security, health and social welfare, along with renewable energy. He is passionate about digital technology with a keen interest in distributed computing using blockchain technology. JK began his career at IBM as a developer and, later, worked in cryptography, distributing computing, and integration hubs.A clean energy enthusiast, he embarked on a new challenge in 2017, establishing Bovlabs, with a vision to optimize electric vehicle (EV) charging and create sustainable energy communities.


Martin Lesner

Chief Technology Officer

Martin has extensive experience in building and delivering IT solutions within social care, insurance and the financial sector. With over 12 years experience in IT including technical leadership in Java-based environments, systems integration, distributed systems, high-volume data processing, he is a blockchain enthusiast specialising in smart contract security and distributed consensus algorithms. He has proven expertise in building and leading technical cross-functional teams on a global scale.


Indrakala Venugopal

Head of US Operations

Indrakala spent over 21 years in the IT industry, managing large-scale development and maintenance projects, Platform-as-a-Service programs and transformation initiatives across domains such as asset management, wealth management, benefits administration, retail and telecom. 

An electronics and communications graduate, she is a certified project management professional with a certification in Executive General Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B). 

Fabien Albert

Chief Of Staff

Fabien has strong expertise in project management, and has directed several big consortium projects within thecamp - a centre for positive impact innovation - for over 4 years. Before that, he worked with Accenture for 14 years supervising the deployment of several IT projects. He graduated in information and communication systems architecture from Paul Sabatier University and, later, in business management from HEC Paris.


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